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November 30, 2010

Goal Setting (Asking the Question)

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Where do you see yourself in ____ year(s)?

I know that many of us have been asked this question on interviews and come up with some response to give to the HR or hiring manager. My question is how many of us take this seriously? In taking this question seriously have you really taken the time to answer where do you want to be in five , ten , twenty years from now. If you haven’t maybe you should just take some time and start setting some goals.

In the past few years we have all been faced with an economic recession, during this time people are losing their jobs and their patience looking for the new job. They are focused on meeting the basic needs for food clothing and shelter, but they are not looking for their passion. I have been to many seminars and workgroups in which these principals are given and everyone shakes their heads and says I will try that when I get back. Have you ever done an assessment of how soon you implement a strategy you learned in one of these courses. Most of us say we will but in reality we don’t because we get back into the same old rut and forget what we are going to implement.

The problem that we are facing is not putting it in writing, and hanging it up in our face to see every day.

to be continued…


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