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March 21, 2013

Being a better communicator

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I am going to start with this topic, as it is one that will be consistent with all of the others.

I guess it is easy to say that we all communicate.  The challenge is discovering if we are effective in our communication.  I see a lot of brochures for communication course that come across my e mail, promoting this or that course.  Do we really need to communicate better?

I was recently on a conference call and someone stopped the conversation and requested that we stop using pronouns because the conversation was getting to confusing.  When asked to restart the conversation, I was at a loss because of the train of thought that I was using had the use of the pronouns.  The thought that when we speak we are confident in what we are expressing is not wrong, it just may be that the other person(s) listening just aren’t following.


So the challenge here is:

  • How do we get people to follow with our train of thought?
  • How can we adjust our terminology to help convey the correct message?
  • What are possible tools we can utilize to present the message?

i am sure that there are more questions that what are listed above, but let’s start with those to see if we can communicate effectively.  Let’s slow down our message and get everyone on the same page and course correct before we go down a road of confusion.

More to come on this topic.


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